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    All right, thank you very much.
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    Arrive fast, working well, i think need more time to test
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    Asked the seller to put DDR4 2666MHz cl19 that and received (Samsung) from the minuses: the cooler works with jerks of noise at a load of 1 Core 4 the seller advised this model with tanderbolt. From the Games launched by wot loads one of the first pulls on high in FullHD, I played in window mode not FHD on minimals on one channel. Before that, they took a mini PC i5 6267u works without complaints since December 2019. Latency large 70 nanoseconds but I myself asked CL 19 :) I will add 8 more crucial for two-channel mode. The seller sent the driver, helped and answered all the questions asked! Powerful and most importantly a new processor with new cores and graphics, HDMI 2.0, tanderbolt with TPM 2.0, 4K video, what else is needed? I'm happy with the PC and the seller!!!