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    Estimados señores, acabo de comprar un ordenador de los suyos con conexiones digitales (GPIO). Por trabajo quiero explorar las posibilñidades de este conector para is futuras nstalaciones pero no encuentro nada. Primero me gustaría me remitieran un data sheet real a mi ordenador y tener una 'foto' de lo que tiene dentro. Por otro lado, si pudieran darme una pista de un programa de compilación de estas in/Out digitales. A ver hasta donde podría llegar Muchas Gracias reciban un cordial saludo
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    I've very impressed with this computer, so far my experience with the company, and this product is worth a 5 star rating. Do wish wish there was more support available, for things like updating the BIOS, but otherwise it's the best bang for the buck. I tell people about this computer, and forward the amazon link so they can see it for themselves. Thanks for the great experience so far!
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    All right, thank you very much.
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    Arrive fast, working well, i think need more time to test
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    Asked the seller to put DDR4 2666MHz cl19 that and received (Samsung) from the minuses: the cooler works with jerks of noise at a load of 1 Core 4 the seller advised this model with tanderbolt. From the Games launched by wot loads one of the first pulls on high in FullHD, I played in window mode not FHD on minimals on one channel. Before that, they took a mini PC i5 6267u works without complaints since December 2019. Latency large 70 nanoseconds but I myself asked CL 19 :) I will add 8 more crucial for two-channel mode. The seller sent the driver, helped and answered all the questions asked! Powerful and most importantly a new processor with new cores and graphics, HDMI 2.0, tanderbolt with TPM 2.0, 4K video, what else is needed? I'm happy with the PC and the seller!!!