RS232/422/485 changing on Fanless PC K4 Serial Port

K4 Fanless Industrial PC is venoen new product in early 2020, mainly designed for industrial application, such as producing machine, medical machine and so on.

There are 6 serial port for all those machines’ connecting, currently all those 6 COM port is RS232, within them, one is available to change to RS485/422, but not like others which is directly change from BIOS, K4 need to change cable inside.

Picture above shows pins for COM2 onboard, when you need to change it to RS422, move the PIN head to PIN 3-4 and make PIN 3-4 short; when you need to use RS485, move the PIN head to PIN 5-6 and make PIN 5-6 short.

There is no other setting inside bios, if you need it to be setting ready before shipment, pls communicate with your sales contacts.

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