Way Install Windows 11 without TPM2.0

As we all know, there are minimum system requirement for Windows 11, between then, one is processor requires 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC), another is TPM requires Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. But how to do if our hardware cannot meet the above two requirement?

Here we share some tips to solve those problems.

First, let’s prepare the tools: 1 Windows PC, such as P05B-i 7-5500U mini pc; 1 16GB USB flash disk; Rufus (Free open-source bootable USB utility, download here); Windows 10 image file(download here); Windows 11 image file(Wait for the official version to be released and download it from Microsoft).

Now all prepared, let’s start our installation:

Step 1. Plug the USB flashdisk to Windows PC and open “Rufus”, and then select windows 11 image files, write Windows 11 image file into USB flash disk, details check pictures below: win-11-1win-11-2win-11-3win-11-4

Step 2. Wait until the windows11 image file is written successfully, decompress the windows10 image file with the compression software, find the sources directory and open it, copy all the files except install.wim (some windows 10 directory does not have install.wim file, you can find it in the sources directory, if not, copy all the files in the directory), and replace it in the sources directory of the USB disk.win-11-5win-11-6win-11-7win-11-8

Step 3. After all the files are replaced successfully, you can insert the USB disk into the PC that needs to install windows 11 and start to install a new operating system. The installation method is basically the same as that of windows 10. Note: please back up the important data in your hard disk before installing the system. Your entire disk data will be cleared during installation! Here is a screenshot of the installation: win-11-9win-11-10win-11-11win-11-12win-11-13win-11-14win-11-15win-11-16win-11-17win-11-18win-11-19

Step 4. After the installation file is successfully written to the SSD, select restart now and quickly unplug the USB flash drive. After restarting, you will enter the setup wizard and follow the prompts: win-11-20win-11-21win-11-22win-11-23win-11-24win-11-25win-11-26win-11-27win-11-28win-11-29win-11-30win-11-31

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