Windows 10 system boot disk creation and installation process

Ready to work:
No less than 1 8G U disk (inserted into the PC)
1 PC connected to the network

1. Open the browser, enter the URL in the browser address file:, and download the MediaCreationTool2004 system tool as shown in the figure.

2. After the download is complete, double-click to openthe tool, follow the prompts to operate.

3. In the Language option, select the desired system language version. Here, English is taken as an example. After the language version is selected, the next step is to proceed.

Next, the system will automatically download the Windows system image and write it to the U disk, just wait patiently.

2. The above is the method to make the boot disk of Windows 10 system, let's introduce the installation method below.
1. Insert the prepared Windows boot U disk into the computer where the system needs to be installed, then press the power button to turn on, and then repeatedly press F7 or F11 to enter the quick start item (depending on the model, the installation model here is S200 here We press F7)

Select the U disk with UEFI: and press Enter.

2. Wait for the loading to be completed, and operate according to the prompts.

3. As shown in the figure below, the system requires a key to activate Windows. For the key, please go to Microsoft's official website or contact your supplier to obtain it. If you want to try Windows, you can choose I don't have a product key and activate it after the installation is successful.

Choose the relevant system version according to your needs, here we choose Windows 10 pro.

After selecting the SSD, create a new partition and set the partition size according to your needs. Generally, it is recommended that the C drive is not less than 100GB.

4. Wait patiently for the file to be written to the SSD, and the system will automatically restart after the writing is completed.

5. After the computer restarts, press F7 or F11 repeatedly to enter the quick start item (depending on the model), select Windows Boot Manager to enter the system, and follow the prompts to complete the setup wizard.

6. At this point, a pure version of Windows 10 system has been deployed, and you only need to install the corresponding driver.

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