• VENOEN Gaming Solutions
    VENOEN Gaming Solutions
    Today’s consumers have the world at their fingertips. The boom in online users has made the consumer internet industry one of the largest users of machine learning, deep learning, and data science. From recommenders to smart chatbots to AI-enhanced video conferencing, these capabilities rely on fast, intelligent tools and infrastructure VENOEN's iGaming PC using NVIDIA solutions to harness those wealth of data to pioneer products that shape the online experience
  • VENOEN industrial Solutions
    VENOEN industrial Solutions
    To stay competitive, enterprises must be ready to take advantage of IT trends in AI, IoT, analytics, cloud computing, and security VENOEN is offering the broad portfolio of Business solutions
  • VENOEN Business/Education Solutions
    VENOEN Business/Education Solutions
    With our extensive iIndustrial systems lets you choose the best solution with confidence. Potentially lower maintenance costs, new business opportunities, and incredible productivity VENOEN provides secure and scalable industrial IoT solutions that bring intelligence to your operating assets and reveal insights from data
  • VENOEN Security Solutions
    VENOEN Security Solutions
    As more sophisticated demand over increasingly advanced networks, VENOEN brings a wide variety of network communication application solutions, such as media appliances, internet appliances and communication appliances and more VENOEN is offering the broad portfolio of iSecurity solutions
  • VENOEN Edge IoT
    VENOEN Edge IoT
    Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are moving to the edge, capture more data, analyze it faster, and act on it sooner VENOEN is offering the broad portfolio of Edge computing system solutions
  • VENOEN HTPC Solutions
    VENOEN HTPC Solutions
    VENOEN Fanless computers that are designed for use in the living room instead of the office. A home theater PC can act as a media hub, streaming your digital video and music library to other devices on your home network, or simply to play Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming services on your home theater setup. These flexible computers share a lot in common with the best desktop PCs, but they are typically smaller and more focused on media delivery.

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